Wholesaler in meat, Abbatoir Anderlecht

Quality pigs

To ensure high quality pork for our customers Amnimeat works exclusively with a few leading suppliers. This allows us not only to protect the quality of our meat, the safety remains also guaranteed as we know the origin and pedigree of each pig on our cutting table.


In the fields of rural Nevele the formerly BRASVAR’ken is cultivated. Craft and innovation are put in a sustainable manner with the sole purpose to bring pure quality pork to the consumer.

Its outstanding quality and taste distinguishes the BRASVAR’ken. BRASVAR is the favourite choice of artisanal butchers, star chefs and amateur chefs.



The tasty and tender Vita Projects’ pork is the result of a well thought and strictly controlled production process. All pigs under the Vita Project label are born in Belgium on farms approved and monitored by Vita Project and by independent institute inspectors.

Vita Pigs are raised in a closed stable circuit. The stables pigs get more space to lie and walk. Moreover, a closed circuit, where animals remain from birth to slaughter in the same farm, ensures a minimum introduction of disease.

Vita Project aims to minimize medication use and chooses medicines based on natural products. The last three months before slaughter, no antibiotics are administered. This way the meat is completely free of residues.