Wholesaler in meat, Abbatoir Anderlecht


What started 25 years ago as a small family business has grown into a medium-sized company in which fourteen professionals commit themselves every day to deliver you the best pork meat.

The story of Amnimeat begins in 1990, when Frank De Brabandere and Claire Bekaert decide to continue the family tradition of meat processing. From day one Amnimeats’ keywords are food safety, high quality and a fair price. Our constant pursuit of the highest quality products attracted the customers. While in the first year, 400 pigs per week were processed, that number raised to 1,200.

Claire Bekaert

Frank De Brabandere

Safe and quality pork does not come naturally. Constant vigilance is a must. Thus, the workshop was entirely redecorated to meet the most stringent hygiene and safety standards even after 25 years.

Even today, nearly a quarter century after its creation, Amnimeat has not forgotten its original values. Food safety, quality, animal welfare and fair prices remain our top priority.